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The general attack on the enemy troops in the Bataan Peninsula was commenced on April 3, on the occasion of Jimmu Tenno-Sai, anniversary of the demise of the Emperor Jimmu. The bombardment of the fortresses upon which the enemy troops were falling back was so violent that it almost changed the shape of spear-like mountains on which they were located. click to readWife no longer hesitant in taking a bath first The Japanese wife no longer hesitates to take a bath ahead of her husband. This was reported last week by the Life Science Research Society after it had polled some 1,000 persons of both sexes. There was a time when the husband was the first to take a bath while other members of the household had to wait their turns. This is no longer true, the pollsters said. On the status of women, 17.3 percent believed Japanese women had grown “strong.” But 34 percent believed men still enjoyed the extra privileges. Most of those who believed women are enjoying equal rights were in their 20s, the pollsters said. Asked if equal rights were desirable, 18.6 percent replied in the affirmative while 15.7 percent said women tended to be too assertive. About 30 percent believed “things are just right.” About 56 percent said there exist equal rights in their homes, but 13 percent believed the husband “tended to lord it over.” hop over to this siteTwenty-six percent said men asserted their authority too much but that was “all right.” Only 4.1 percent believed women were domineering. About 18 percent said men and women were “inferior in ability.” The Lower House passed a bill Friday to limit the fingerprinting requirement for alien registration to nonpermanent foreign residents. But some foreign residents have criticized the bill for failing to abolish the fingerprinting system altogether and for treating any violator of any section of the law as a criminal. If the bill, a revision of the Alien Registration Law, is passed by the Upper House during the current Diet session, it is expected to take effect by next Jan. 10. The Justice Ministry will abolish the fingerprinting system for permanent residents and introduce a family registration system, which will use the resident’s picture and signature and will contain information on parents and spouses living in Japan. The current law requires all foreign residents who are 16 years or older and who stay in Japan for over one year to give a print of their left index finger when applying for alien registration certificates. Under the new law, permanent foreign residents who will become 16 between the date of the bill’s passage and the date when it takes effect will not be required to give their prints. The bill also contains a rider that says it will be revised thoroughly in 1998 so its basic purpose will be changed from the control of foreign residents to provision of government services for them. But even under the new law, about 320,000 nonpermanent residents, including 40,000 Koreans, will have to give their fingerprints. It will be impossible to erase the prints already on government files because they are on microfilm along with other information.

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