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Magic Valley groups teach safe pest control around bees

Magic Valley groups teach safe pest control around bees TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Some bugs are pests, while others help us out. When you try to kill one, however, you might end up killing the other. Mosquito control operators from around the state gathered in Twin Falls on Thursday to learn how to keep that from happening. Tubbs Berry Farm workers taught them how to recognize bee hives in the field. Toward the end of the day, they got to open live hives and put their new knowledge to the test. Kirk Tubbs said it's good to get this information out there to help preserve the honeybee population while trying to control mosquitoes. “They're both insects,” Tubbs said, “so most things that will kill one insect will kill another, and so using products that are safe, or taking advantage of the natural behavior” will cut back on unnecessary bee deaths. his explanationMaybe bees are not active at night, so you can do work at night, he said. Tubbs said the main way to cut down on bee losses while controlling mosquitoes is to choose the right products. He works for the county pest abatement, and he said nearly all of theirs are safe for honeybees.

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