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The Wigan pest control team has issued some DIY advice on how to take care of pests yourself to help ease the pressure on its busy teams. Alan Bussell, pest control supervisor at Wigan Council said: “Summer is always a busy time for us, but before calling the experts in, there are some simple steps residents can take to keep their homes pest free. One of the most basic tips is to make sure the exterior of your home is in a good state of repair, any holes in the brickwork should be filled in. “It is also important to check any outside drains and make sure they are clear, particularly the gully outside the kitchen which could trap leftover food, which can attract pests. “We have the resources and knowledge to deal with any pest problems quickly, so would encourage any resident to contact us with any pest queries. “One of the most common misconceptions is people think honeybees are pests. “However, as they pollenate crops, they are really important for the environment. If you have any concerns regarding honeybees, you can arrange for a beekeeper to collect them. You can check whether they are honeybees on the British Beekeepers Association website.” BEES: Bees are not pests and you should avoid killing them if possible unless they are a danger to the public. A local beekeeper may collect honeybees from your home. ANTS: Crawling insect insecticide can be effective, which you can purchase from DIY stores and garden centres. NYPMA Elects New Officers for 2017-18Use ant powder sparingly - the finer the application the better. To completely get rid of an ant problem, you will need to find the nest and treat it. MICE AND RATS: Don’t leave open food out in the kitchen overnight. Clean up any outdoor spillages and repair structural defects in the house to prevent rodents gaining access. FLEAS: Regularly wash pet bedding. To treat fleas, place a small quantity of insecticidal dust onto a carpet before hoovering. WASPS: Remove any redundant bird boxes or move them away from your property. Place a fine mesh over any vents but be careful to not block them off completely. Fees include all materials needed to carry out the treatment required, there are no additional costs.

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